The Epiphany That Makes Your Talk TED Worthy

The Epiphany That Makes Your Talk TED Worthy

What does eating bugs have to do with a great TED talk? Only everything.

Our guest, Chris “Shoots” Veis, shares his insights into how to put an amazing TED talk together. He recently gave his TEDx talk called A Silent Killer Of Change at TEDx Billings.

A student of politics since high school, Shoots obsessively followed politicians and their campaigns, and even took the plunge into politics by running for city council.

The take-aways

As you’ll hear, Dino and I got a lot of insight from speaking to Shoots. Here’s a glimpse at the key points:

  • Acting can help you get used to being on stage in front of an audience.
  • Be prepared to be able to explain your TEDx topic in under 2 minutes. Very interesting to hear the pitch Shoots did to land his talk.
  • What example can you give that will crystallize the talk in a person’s mind? For Shoots, it was the insect diet.
  • What makes a great TED talk is a strong and irresistible hook. Comparing the insect diet to change was a great hook.

His favorite talk


His Talk

Written by Mike Brooks

Mike is the founder of Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC and is dedicated to helping small businesses get more customers online. He is also a podcaster who hosts the Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast. His goal is to become a well-known public speaker.

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