How Joel Comm Prepares For A TEDx Talk

How Joel Comm Prepares For A TEDx Talk

Joel Comm is a New York Times best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, consultant and speaker. His latest book is Twitter Power 3.0 and he also has a free book available at Social Poetry Book.

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A seasoned speaker, Joel is preparing to give his first TEDx talk at TEDx Mile High as we recorded this episode. We will embed the talk here once it is available.

Joel Comm Super Selfie at TEDx Mile High 2015

What We Asked Joel

Here’s the questions Joel answered on this episode of Road To TED:

  • If he gets nervous when speaking
  • If he considers himself a born speaker
  • The theme of the event and what his talk is about
  • Early lessons learned on public speaking
  • Advice he has on storytelling
  • How he got invited to speak at this TEDx event (not at all what we expected)
  • What he is doing to prepare for his talk
  • How he rehearses it
  • How he creates so much content
  • What positive outcomes he expects to come out of his talk
  • How he networks and crosses from tribe to tribe

It Happened!

Joel’s talk was this past Saturday, June 13th. We were lucky enough to talk to him while he was preparing.

It was a great experience for us and we’re excited to see his talk once it’s available on video. Check back… we’ll embed it right here when it’s ready.

Until then, follow Joel on Youtube, Twitter @JoelComm and Facebook to see what he’s up to. And read all about his adventures at TEDx on his blog here.

Joel Comm At TEDx Mile High 2015

Joel’s Favorite TED Talk

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Written by Mike Brooks

Mike is the founder of Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC and is dedicated to helping small businesses get more customers online. He is also a podcaster who hosts the Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast. His goal is to become a well-known public speaker.

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