Capturing The Moment When The Revolution Happens

Capturing The Moment When The Revolution Happens

Who Is Greg Hemmings?

Greg Hemmings is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, content marketer and storyteller. Greg’s passion for filmmaking, branded entertainment and content marketing has taken him to all corners of the globe.

His passion is documentary filmmaking and he was asked to speak at TEDx New Brunswick because of his expertise with this. He will be talking about how film can conduct your movement. And what he means by this is how a group effort can achieve a common goal.

The filmmaking process can help or hurt a movement. People behave in interesting ways when they know they are being filmed.

A great example of this is El Sistema which is a visionary global movement that transforms the lives of children through music. They say this is a new model for social change.


Greg and Dino met at a meetup while at New Media Expo in Las Vegas. As fate and luck would have it, going to NMX was a last minute decision for Greg. As it turned out, Greg was in the midst of preparing for a TEDx talk.

With only 4 weeks of preparation time, Dino and I had the great luck to catch Greg only one week prior to his talk.

What We Learned

On this episode you will join us in learning

  • Why Greg was on an airplane to Caracas, Venezuela only one week after his child’s birth
  • What it is that people are now coming to New Brunswick to learn from Greg
  • What it’s like to only have 4 weeks to prepare for a TEDx talk
  • How to edit your own talk
  • What thick skin and staying in shape have to do with speaking

Greg’s Favorite TED Talk


Written by Mike Brooks

Mike is the founder of Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC and is dedicated to helping small businesses get more customers online. He is also a podcaster who hosts the Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast. His goal is to become a well-known public speaker.


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