What Is The Road To TED?


The Podcast

Road To TED is a weekly podcast that aims to answer one question: What does it take to deliver the most important talk of your life?

It’s hosted by Mike Brooks, Dino Dogan, and Mackenzie Labrecque.

All three of us are determined to speak at TED at some point in our lives. If we fail, at least we’ve managed to become better speakers and perhaps even better people in the process, and that’s a pretty good deal.

You, our dear listeners, might be cut from the same cloth as we are, and if so, then you’ve found your home here. Let’s journey together and help each other along on our Road To TED.

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The Blog

The Road To TED blog supplements the podcast with show notes and additional information for each show. The blog is maintained by Mike BrooksDino DoganMackenzie Labrecque with support from Carol Lynn Rivera and Ralph M. Rivera.

The Legal Disclaimer Stuff

The contributors to Road To TED are huge fans of TED which is a copyright of TED Conferences, LLC.

The opinions expressed on this podcast and blog are a creative work intended to study, analyze and discuss these talks for educational purposes. We are in no way affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by TED Conferences, LLC.

Embedded video talks are presented in accordance with the guidelines published on the TED website.